HPRAC submitted its report to the Minister April 27, 2006. The HPRAC report was publicly released on May 19,2006. The report recommended the regulation of Psychotherapy using an Enforceable Scope of Practice. The report also narrowly defines Counselling and does not recommend its regulation. [click year to view more details]

A brief to the Minister strongly critiqued HPRAC’s recommendation for an Enforceable Scope of Practice as unnecessarily restrictive and contrary to the public interest principles that underlie the Regulated Health Professions Act. This was based on a lengthy legal opinion from legal counsel to the Coalition.

In September the Coalition launched a major lobbying campaign directed at the Minister of Health and the Deputy Minister of Health objecting to the Enforceable Scope of Practice and recommending a more inclusive form of regulation that would capture many practitioners in the currently unregulated sector was launched.

The fall lobby campaign was very successful and the Coalition's consultant and legal counsel were involved in numerous discussions with senior Ministry officials and senior policy advisors to the Minister about the draft legislation on psychotherapy. The Chair of the Coalition and the Coalition's Advocacy Committee Chair also met with senior Ministry officials and the Opposition Health Critic in Toronto.

The Minster introduced the draft Psychotherapy Act, 2006 in the Legislature as part of the omnibus Bill 171, on December 12. The Alliance was present on the Minister’s invitation.