The consultant and legal counsel for the Coalition advised analyzed the draft legislation and recommended to the Steering Committee that the legislation be endorsed and that we should lobby for swift passage during the current session before the summer recess and provincial election on October 10. [click year to view more details]

Another major lobbying campaign directed at all MPPs was launched to support the swift passage of the Psychotherapy Act. The Chair, on behalf of OACCPP organized meetings with Ottawa area MPPs and invited the Coalition Secretary to attend. Other Coalition organizations also arranged meetings with their MPPS. The purpose of the meetings was to convey support for the Act.

On April 24. 2007 the Coalition Chair and Advocacy Chair appeared before the Standing Committee on Social Policy during public hearings on Bill 171 and presented a mini-brief supporting: an amendment to grant social workers the Controlled Act of psychotherapy the appointment of a critical mass from the unregulated sector to the transitional Council of the new regulatory body the inclusion of specialty subtitles under the restricted titles of "Psychotherapist" and "Registered Mental Health Therapist" in the Act a broad and expansive interpretation of who should be authorized to perform the Controlled Act of psychotherapy.

The Act was sent back to the full Legislature for Third Reading with two amendments: social workers were granted the Controlled Act through their own College the name of the new regulatory body was changed from "College of Psychotherapists of Ontario" to "College of Psychotherapists and Regulated Mental Health Therapists of Ontario"

On May 31, Bill 171, including the Psychotherapy Act, was passed unanimously in the Legislature with a voice vote and on June 4 it received Royal Assent. The Psychotherapy Act is now the law in Ontario.