The Coalition's work continued but the shifting government personnel posed a challenge. The Coalition position statements were delivered to the Transitional Council and were quoted in their work. Documents were prepared, delivered, and presented to both the Legislative Select Committee on Mental Health and Addictions and the Standing Committee on Social Policy. Letters were delivered regarding the new HST and its effect upon membership to both the Federal and Provincial Finance Ministries. [click year to view more details]

Following the announcement of the Transitional Council, the Coalition successfully advocated to expand the Council’s membership to fill important holes in representation. During the year the Chair of the Coalition had two face-to face meetings with Minister Deb Matthews to discuss concerns. The Steering Committee met with three different senior policy advisors in Minister Matthews office. The Coalition's Steering Committee members were present at all public Transitional Council meetings.

In November 2010, the draft Registration Regulations were presented to the Transitional Council. Also the draft Professional Misconduct Regulations were approved by the Transitional Council.