An additional round of consultations was held on the RMHT designation and the word “indigenous”. The Coalition continued to advocate for the master’s level and two title issues. There were some members of the Coalition who felt that the Coalition issues were not being heard. The Coalition met on March 31, 2012 and conducted an exercise to determine points of consensus.

There was a great deal of consensus on all major issues. This consensus was validated by member organizations and the material was presented at a meeting held on April 2, 2012 with government officials. The material was also sent electronically after the meeting.

A meeting was held on April 2, 2012 with the Steering Committee, the Coalition's lobbyist, members of the TC and the ADM of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. The purpose of the meeting was not to make any decisions but for each party to present its case and to seek clarification on some of the major issues being discussed about the regulations. It was clear from the meeting that the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care and the Transitional Council were listening but that they would not or could not move on certain issues.

In May of 2012 two of the member associations left. A legal request was made not to use the Coalition name therefore the group of member associations that remained changed its name to The Ontario Alliance of Mental Health Practitioners. July 2012: Dialogue continued between the Ministry of Health and the Alliance with regard to the registration regulations. In July, the Chair of the Alliance met with Ministry Officials and the Deputy Minister of Health. They indicated that the issues discussed at the April 2, 2012 meeting were being investigated thoroughly and that more information would be available the first week of September 2012.

August 2012 there were Indications that the College will not open until 2014. In October 2012, Misconduct Regulations had been approved by Cabinet.

November 21, 2012, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care returned the Registration Regulations to the Transitional Council unapproved. The main reason related to the RMHT title.