The Coalition made a submission to the Ministry of Community and Social Services requesting regulation under the Social Work Act. This ensured that all options were kept open. [click year to view more details]

The Minister of Health asked HPRAC to advise him by March 2006 on:

  1. "Whether psychotherapy should be an additional controlled act under the RHPA and if so, which regulated professions should have psychotherapy in their scope of practice and how should standards be set and measured.
  2. Whether psychotherapists should be regulated under the RHPA as a profession, what their scope of practice should be and what controlled acts they should be authorized to perform as well as any protected titles, and whether it is appropriate that psychotherapists be regulated under an existing profession specific act."

HPRAC held a series of consultations throughout Ontario in September and October 2005. The Coalition made a presentation at the Toronto Consultation and a written was submitted to HPRAC on November 14, 2005. Support was provided for the notion that Psychotherapy and Counselling should be regulated but should not be regulated as a Controlled Act.

From November 2005 to April 2006 HPRAC reviewed all submissions and formulated their report.